LPR camera License plate recognition parking management system

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Digital Camera
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LPR camera License plate recognition
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500 LUX
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768*576 pixels
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16*16~48*64 pixels
over 5 years
parking lot,store,Luxurious Clubhouses, villas, hotel and so on
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       COMA Focus On Developing and Providing Innovative parking equipment + Parking Integrated Solutions,Since 1996

       COMA Provide 3 solutions for Parking Access Control:

        Solution#1. Card System(card/barcode ticket dispenser+ Auto Barrier Gate+Parking management software+Auto pay station(optional)

        Solution#2. RFID(Bluetooth) System( RFID reader+RFID card + Auto Barrier Gate+Parking management software

         (Solution#1 and Solution#2 can be integrated in ONE solution,solution#1 for visitor or temporary parkers,solution#2 for regular or long term parkers)

        Solution#3.LPR System(License Plate Recognition system+Auto Barrier Gate+Parking management software+Auto pay station(optional)



LPR Camera license plate recognition parking system




1. Can identify vehicle license text and figures
2. Can identify one line and two lines license plate number
3. Can identify English of license plate number
4. the database can store the capture images,license plate number ,lane number and the time of vehicle through
5. license plate number entrance and exit record can report output
6. support English,Korean, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese 
7.Image size:768*576pixels
8.Front size:16*16-48*64pixels
9.Camera gun level angle: the maximum angle 25 degree into the drive lane  
10.camera gun vertical angle: the maximum angle 25 degree into the horizontal
11.Minimum brightness:500 lux



ANPR System with LPR camera:



Coma license plate recogniton management system is a high-end digital video using decomposition technique for automated  identification plate number of vehicle management system ,temporary vehicle identification rate of more than 95%.this system can be used alone ,without stopping the free flow of parking ,but also with ID/IC card parking system used in combination to achieve the dual plate number+card data authentication multi-layer.The system is currently the most perfect system,stable and reliable.

Suitable for the parking lot in residential communities, enterprises and institutions, hotels, commercial buildings, government organizations, logistics company, hospitals, villages, shopping markets, and so on.

 Parking management system also has following titles:car parking management system, parking control system, parking partner, car parking lot system, car parking device, car parking equipment,car security system, smart parking, intelligent parking system, automated parking management system, auto parking system, automatic parking system, mechanical parking system ,advanced parking system, efficient parking system,RFID/paper ticket(barcode)parking system, middle-distance parking system ,Bluetooth long distance parking system, electronic tag parking system.





For the first five progress (1, 2, 3, 4, 5). There are two actions.




The vehicle arrives at the entrance, press the sensor coil which install underground, then a signal is sent to  the camera. They have the corresponding reaction:


The camera: take photo of the vehicle,recognize the license plate number,send a singal to barrier gate


The barrier gate: open


(The hardware like barrier and camera all are controlled by the software –license plate recognition software, so strong recommend to purchase the whole set equipment of system from COMA)




The vehicle enter the parking lot, the barrier gate close automatically.




For the last six progress (6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11).there are following action:




The vehicle arrives at the exit, press the sensor coil which installed underground, then a signal send to the camera ,it take photos and the information is stored in the software to compare with the entrance information




The software will analyze the compatibility between entrance information with the exit information automatically, to check whether the vehicle have the same license plate number.


There are two kind vehicles cross


One is usually pass (we call it as VIP vehicle)


The other is temporary parking (we call it as time vehicle)


For the VIP vehicle, which should register information such as license plate number that will be stored in the software for the later analysis. When the VIP vehicle passes, the software will compare the information picked up from the photo with the stored information in the software. The barrier gate can open only when the information matching


For the time vehicle, when it passes, the software will analyze the information between entrance and exit to calculate the parking fee.the barrier gate will open for vehicle to leave after paid.





(a) License plate recognition system function:


COMA CML0166-based Automatic Vehicle Identification Management System is an automatic
license plate recognition technology to control the number of fixed vehicle access computer
management system. The system will identify the technology and advanced digital video images
stored in relatively high-speed combination, by computer image processing and discrimination,
vehicles entering and leaving the car park access control management. The system is composed of
a set of ID parking lot, one microcomputer controller, two special camera, one image processing
network card and two sets of the spotlight.
Automatic license plate recognition in the management system, the vehicle entrance to the
parking lot or by the vehicle detector to detect the vehicle, the trigger system start the camera
capture images of vehicles, through the automatic license plate recognition software to capture
images of dynamic filtering , cross-boundary enhancement processing to overcome the
interference image, improve recognition results. In the dynamic image acquisition to automatically
find the location of the license plate and automatically extract a single character images. License
plate location and through the direct method, neural networks, vector quantization method and the
license plate character recognition OCR matching simulation-based algorithms, artificial neural
network based OCR algorithm to arrive at the digital license plate number, software to count not
number of databases with the original issue lawful license plate number eleven in contrast, if the
same number, the system controller will inform the ID parking lot or open the entrance barrier to
allow vehicles into or out of the car after a second vehicle detector automatically shut down when
the road barrier.




(b) System software functions and features the system performance features:


1.Using computer control and data processing techniques, high degree of automation, control
2.Barrier passage of the vehicle automatically rise and fall, and smashed cars with anti-function.
3.High-speed video surveillance, real-time recording vehicle models, and out of vehicles on the
image contrast, effective in preventing theft of vehicles in the parking lot.
4.Reduce management costs, to have access to accurate records of vehicle information can be
5.Management computer can achieve real-time monitoring and management computer has an
external interface, network scalability.
6.Standard industrial control system architecture can be organized according to different
requirements of different user system configuration, convenient and flexible.
7.System management software under WINDOWS environment written in English operation
menu display, user-friendly. Each step has a detailed description of the prompt, simple, easy to
8.installation, commissioning, maintenance is simple and convenient, easy to replace and repair
9.Normal light (100 ~ 80 lumens) under the conditions of the comprehensive identification of the vehicle not less than 99.9% probability.


Systemsoftware functions and features
Programming language:Windows2000 +VS.NET


(c) Features:


1. Using the world's most advanced computer simulation control science, with a high
degree of automatic and simple to use.
2. Sub-front operation run real-time management software (operator), back office
software (management software).
3. Full-friendly interface in English. Chinese menu display, each step has a detailed
prompts the operator to use intuitive and convenient through simple non-dedicated
personnel trained to operate a computer.
Front end software interface
1. interface image showing three images show the upper left corner of the image
    when the lock entrance, which vehicles to sense pressure was fixed after the first
    image, to be stored in the database after the automatic identification. And keep
    the vehicle into the driveway to the next update
2. emerged in the upper right corner to automatically recognize when the image
    field, while in the lower right corner to bring up the same license plate number of admission

    goes to the next visual imagecontrast.


(d) Back-end senior rights management software interface is four tools image a present:


1. close button key
2. system Settings management standard tool parts
3. query tool parts
4. ID card issued a tool
  The Department can only issue with high-level authorization identity different rights or the
  operator's password to enter through the main parameter for the system to issue vehicle license
   plate number, or add or delete information and a variety of report generation query , the output print.


(e) Flow chart:


Vehicle arrived at the entrance,camera automatic recognized the car plate
number→vehicle pass the vehicle detecter→system control the barrier open and save
the vehicle enter information to check→barrier close after car pass→vehicle enter the
parking lot→park car→vehicle arrive at the exit,camera automatic recognized the car
plate number→vehicle pass the vehicle detecter→system automatically distinguish
the property of car,barrier will automatically open when it is monthly car,hourly car
check the enter information contrast and calculate the parking fee→the security man
take the parking fee→confirm and open barrier→closing the barrier after the car pass.




Intelligent LPR system: 






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